Dear Friend,
If you enjoy the Little Tennessee River Greenway, please support it by joining Friends of the Greenway for 2022. The new year will continue to see challenges for FROG. Hours will continue Wednesday-Saturday, 9-2 at FROG Quarters without additional volunteers. If interested in working at the coffee
shop/gift center, email us at


FROG will continue to meet its mission in working with local government in stewardship of the Little Tennessee River Greenway. Our goal is to serve the
community by providing enhancements to the Greenway and fostering environmental awareness through information and education. 2021 was a comeback year. New projects are planned for 2022, but continued funding is needed.


Please consider becoming a member or help us with a donation. 

Remember, a $25 membership is just 48 cents/week-what a bargain for assisting with this natural playground!


Please, if you enjoy the Greenway, join us with your membership and encourage everyone you know who uses the Greenway to become members too.

Thank you. We Appreciate your support.

Friends of the Greenway Board