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Use this standard map to find FROG Quarters, Greenway entrances, area hiking locations, restaurants, lodging,  gas, groceries/supplies, and other needs while in the area. 

Greenway Chronicle

History of the Little Tennessee River Greenway-"Pride of Macon County"

by Hank Shuler, edited by Kay Coriell

Providing a cornucopia of wildflowers and wildlife, the Greenway cuts a meandering path of nearly five miles through Franklin. Reflecting the extraordinarily rich diversity of the Macon County landscape, visitors can experience wetlands, stroll through two railroad cuts left behind by the Tallulah Falls Railroad, wander alongside an old pasture, catch sight of the desert agave, and experience the upland woods.

This marvelous asset began as a dream. Many residents, including members of the Nantahala Hiking Club, looked at this long stretch of uninhabited land along side the river and pictured a place to preserve our landscape while offering expanded recreational opportunities for our community. Others saw it as a way to preserve our heritage and to bolster our economic development.

In 1997 Duke Power needed a powerline through Franklin. The unusable land along the river seemed to offer the most logical route. At that time Nantahala Power and Light, though owned by Duke, was still an intact company with leadership that was an integral part of our community and aware of the Dream....

FROG Quarters is your "Gateway to the Greenway."



Wednesday - Saturday 9-2pm

Sunday - Tuesday, Closed

Exceptions for special events

Make FROG Quarters the first stop on your initial visit to the Greenway. Here, you may get information that you will need to enjoy the facilities and points of interest along the Greenway.  You will meet some of the FROG who run FROG Quarters and help to maintain the Greenway.

Have a great cup of coffee or a cold drink and a snack, shop for gifts, check your email through our complementary wifi, check availability and make reservations for the picnic shelters.


Learn about the other facilities of the Greenway, such as playgroundsdisc golf, and the bike trails.

FROG Quarters is located on the right just before crossing the Little Tennessee River bridge heading east on East Main Street.

Shelter Availability 

& Reservations

You can check to see if the date and time you wish to use the shelter is available by calling FROG Quarters and leaving a message at (828)369-8488 or by emailing your request to If not available or available, you will be notified by email or by phone. Acceptance of date and time of reservation will be confirmed by email or phone call once the reservation form and check for $20 or $40 (depending on group size) has been received at FROG Quarters. The Reservation Form is available below.

* Note: The Reservation Agreement Form must be signed recognizing the terms of use of the Greenway Facilities.

If FROG Quarters is open, you can make your reservation, sign the form, and make your reservation payment. If not open, please consider the alternate email method.

Your permit must be posted on day of use. The permit will be emailed to you or you may pick it up at FROG Quarters, if open.

Fee Schedule:

Groups under 50: $20.00

Groups 50 and over: $40.00

Shelter reservaton
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