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Updated: Mar 7, 2020

A surprising number of things have been uncovered in the Little Tennessee River since Duke Power began the let-down. Tires, old shoes, car parts, lots of bottles, a motorcycle and even a truck, earlier reported stolen, but apparently just pushed into the river from where it was parked. A huge pile of debris pilled up against the town bridge pillar, & was removed last week by the NCDOT. A large tree, falling from the bank, helped to create the pile-up.

Accumulation of sediment is another recurring problem all up and down the river. Not too many years ago a dredging company worked daily from a barge to vacuum up the silt, pile it along the riverside where it was carted off to be used in fill, roads, and various other tasks that needed fine silt. Perhaps that task need to be revitalized, or eventually the river may be walkable.

We are very hopeful that the sewer spills that continue to plague the Greenway and the town, will be ended soon. It's a very unpleasant area when the heavy rains create an overflow of the sewage that spills across the walkway into the river. The Town of Franklin will show its true concern for Greenway users when that problem is finally solved.

There is a reservation process in place for groups and parties that want to use the picnic shelters at Big Bear, Tassee and Rotary Park. If you plan to organize a group of 15 or more and want to use the facilities, please be sure to stop at Frog Quarters and fill out a short form that will give us the vital information. Leave a refundable deposit and your group's name will appear on the bulletin board at the shelter to show you have precedence over “walk-ins” at that time and place.

Once again we must appeal to skateboarders to stay off the benches and tables with their skateboards. This is not the proper place for dirty wheels that also damage the painted surfaces. Should users see boys or girls using our facilities inappropriately, please call 911. Perhaps a fine or a confiscated board will change their ways.

If tomorrow, February 5 th is a decent day join us at Tassee at 1 pm for another Kudzu Roll, where we cut and roll up the Kudzu vines. It's fun and really rewarding to see the ground and bushes again. Friday the 6 th will be a “rain” date. Bring your heavy gloves and clippers or loppers. Call the Frog Quarters if in doubt, 369-8488.

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