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Happening on the Greenway

 by Kay Coriell

 12/09/09 Playground

All is fairly quiet along the Greenway on these cold, wet days. A few brave folks continue their daily constitutional and we see a few bundled-up children on the slides and swings. It is important for us all to get some natural Vitamin D and 20 to 30 minutes can help.

We've not been able to reinstall the frog spring rider that was broken by a teenager using it this past summer. The base hardware must be replaced and requires digging up the concrete below ground in order to fix it. This also means removing some of the rubber surfacing material and the replacement of that must take place in a minimum of 50 degree weather for three days.

This points up the necessity for parents to monitor their children so that the equipment is used properly and does not afford a danger, especially to younger children. We inspect the play equipment once a month, and certainly appreciate input from adults who may notice any problems. Call Frog Quarters at 369-8488 or stop by.

We recently applied skid strips to the Bongo Drum Unit on the suggestion from an interested parent. As a public park, the Greenway belongs to all citizens. The Friends of the Greenway, Inc. monitors and maintains it for the County and for you.

We have on our current maintenance schedule to paint the parking strips at Tassee and Big Bear Parks. A new recycle bin is in the works for Tassee shelter, like the one at Big Bear. That has proved very successful and we're glad to see the public cooperate with our recycling efforts. It certainly helps in garbage collection time and saves on costly black bags.

Keep in mind the Christmas Bird Count from December 14 th thru January 5 th , sponsored by the National Audubon Society. This will be their 110 th year of this count. With the weather changes on the planet, it is more important than ever to watch our wildlife and determine weather's effects on them. More information can be obtained at the website Christmas Bird Count, if you'd like to participate.

We once again have some copies of plans for a simple bluebird house for those who might want to make one this winter with the kids or grandkids. Just stop by Frog Quarters and pick one up.