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Donors go beyond the membership fee.  They include the contributors who made the Greenway a reality by meeting the financial requirements it takes to establish a project like the Greenway. But donations cannot stop there. It also takes donations to finance the routine operation and maintenance of the Greenway properties, facilities and equipment. Funds are needed to improve, add to, replace,  and update the facilities and equipment, making it more exciting and interesting for the adults, and children who enjoy visiting the Greenway. Memorial donations honor people who have loved and supported the Greenway.

Now, along with their owners, even the dogs will enjoy the Greenway more with the addition of the new Dog Park. This is an example of the need for donors who make it possible to grow according to the interests and needs of the visitors to the Greenway.

Donors include, not just the generous individuals who believe in protecting the environment and providing a healthy activity for people, but it also includes businesses that are enriched by the people who come to Franklin to enjoy the Greenway. 

Donors include partnerships with other organizations who promote and share common interests with the Greenway.

Donors include businesses like Microsoft, Adobe and many others through such agencies as "Tech Soup" who provide grants for software used by non-profit organizations.

There are many ways that donors may contribute to the Greenway and make a difference in its ongoing success. They are all appreciated.

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