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From FROGquarters, the Morris Trace trail begins at Big Bear Park. The Park features include the Big Bear Picnic Shelter which offers rest room facilities and barbeque pit., 2 gazebos, and a canoe putins. Wesley's Playground, named in memory of a child lost in a daycare fire in 2000, is located behind the picnic shelter. The children's playground is equipped for infants through teenagers. A Water Feature is a favorite attraction during the summer months.









This trail runs North along the River to Suli Marsh where there is a parking area and access to the trail over a boardwalk built by volunteers.



 From Big Bear Park to the Southern part of the Greenway trail is a matter of crossing the two roads and the river. It requires users to to cross under one bridge, go up a ramp and cross the second bridge to get to the the opposite side of the river.  A better route will be available when plans are implemented to upgrade the bridges.

Emerging from under the bridge is a  good time to visit back at FROGquarters, enjoy refreshments, and meet Rose, the manager of FROGquarters  and President of the FROG Board. Her assistant, Betty, may be there, or volunteers who help to run FROGquarters. The coffee is great and the smoothies will take sooth you after walking the trail in summer. Look over the gift shop at the works produced by local artists and craftsmen. You are sure to find gifts to take home with you.

You can get directions to proceed with your walk on the Greenway and get advice on what to look for that may be of special interest to you.

From FROGquarters, you will cross the bridge over the Little Tennessee River and proceed to walk behind the businesses along the river. This will lead to Rotary Centennial Loop, funded by the Rotary Clubs. Here is a picnic shelter and adult exercise equipment. This can be accessed by car behind the East Franklin Shopping Center.

The next point of access and parking area  is Salali Lane, adjacent to Tassee Bridge It is on Fox Ridge Road, just South of the Flea Market on Highlands Road.Tassee Park offers parking, picnic shelter with rest room facilities, barbeque pit, boatramp and small playground.


Going South on the trail you will reach Lewis Soles Memorial Bike Trail, with a challenging 2.6 mile mountain bike trail. The trail may be accessed from the Library or the Greenway.




 Walasi Trail may be accessed from the library and college, with a parking lot near the creek.

 Look for future plans as  they may develop. *Donations generate the funds to make improvements to the Greenway.