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 Availability of Shelters

To use the Big Bear or Tassee Picnic Shelters, call FROGquarters at (828)369-8488 or stop by in person to confirm the date you wish to reserve a shelter. Reservations must be made at FROGquarters immediately after confirmation of the date and time you wish to use the Shelter. . AVAILABILTY must be checked BEFORE reservations are made.

Availability may NOT be checked by email. Call or go to FROGquarters in person. 

Reservations cannot be held without completion of the transaction. 

PUBLIC SCHOOLS are welcomed to bring  groups of children to enjoy the Shelters, Playgrounds, and Greenway.

Schools Outside Macon County: There is a special fee for schools outside Macon County. Checking availability at FROGquarters is necessary and reservations are required.   An authorized representative of the school must contact FROGquarters at 828-369-8488 for instructions.

Macon County Public Schools are allowed to use the Shelters with NO fee, but availability must be checked and reservations must be made. An authorized representative of the school may contact FROGquarters for information.